Our Story

Opened in 2014, New Fusion is a casual fine dining café and restaurant, offering American-Chinese fusion cuisine and warm hospitality in an elegant dining environment. A 4,000 feet dining hall with adequate lighting, dark wood tables, vintage glass chandeliers, and vivid zodiac paintings contribute to an intimate and contemporary feel. We also have three 80-Inch TVs, free Wi-Fi, and outdoor seating.

We specialize in deep-fried whole sole, supreme sea salt free-ranch chicken, deep-fried chicken with fresh lemon honey sauce, baked Bolognese pasta, white sauce baked seafood pasta, simmered free-ranch chicken in supreme sauce, French style deep-fried fish with basil & black pepper, crispy beef-strew, honey garlic pork-chop, sweet & sour pork, Szechuan spicy deep-fried chicken, braised duck with plum sauce, sautéed clams with black bean sauce, Szechuan style mapo tofu, and x.o. sauce frog.

Our food is sourced from top quality seasonal ingredients, featuring a high percentage of local products. We consider New Fusion to be a truly “American-Chinese” café and restaurant honoring many different cooking traditions and interpreting them with our unique creative vision. Inspired by great artisanal foods of the world, we craft our stocks and sauces from scratch on a daily basis.